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The Sri Lankan Leading most Effective Hand Sanitizer Brands Products.

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Promote Healthy Hygiene Habits To Nation. Sanitation Against Viruses, Bacteria , Microorganisms To Ratify Health & Well-Being.

75% isopropyl alcohol for hand sanitizer.

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How to Use Hand Rub Correctly

please note that this technique is not appropriate when hands are visibly dirty or after using the toilet. In these cases hand washing is required and rubbing should take you 20 to 30 seconds.
KEHNO Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka
Hand Sanitizer Sri Lanka
Use a timer or count one two three or five in each of the following steps apply a palm full of alcohol-based Effective Hand Sanitizer in a cupped hand enough to cover all surfaces of the hands.


Effective Hand Sanitizer

Rub hands palm to palm then rub right palm over the back of left hand with interlaced fingers and vice versa rub again palm to palm with fingers interlaced rub the back of your fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked repeating.

Best Sanitizer Sri Lanka
 This action for each Effective Hand Sanitizer rotationally left thumb clasped and right palm and vice versa to clean the tips of your fingers rub rotationally backwards and forwards with clasp fingers of right hand and left palm and vice-versa once dry your hands are now clean and safe.


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